Susana Vargas Cervantes is a transdisciplinary scholar, internationally recognized for her artistic and academic work at the intersections of alternative criminology, visual studies, and queer studies—in both Anglo North America and Latin America. Her research mines the connections between gender, sexuality, class, and skin tonalities to reconceptualize pigmentocracy as a system of perception.

She is the author of the book  The Little Old Lady Killer: The Sensationalized Crimes of Mexico's First Female Serial Killer (NYU Press, 2019) and Mujercitos (Editorial RM, 2015). After a Fulbright Visiting Fellowship at Columbia University, she joined Carleton University as an Assistant Professor in Communication and Media Studies. 



︎ The Little Old Lady Killer

       NYU Press, 2019

︎ Mujercitos

       Editorial RM, 2015

︎ Aprehendiendo al delincuente

       UNAM-McGill, 2011


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El vampiro de la colonia Roma is a novel by Mexican writer, playwright, screenwriter and translator Luis Zapata. It is considered a classic piece of homosexual literature and an example of the 1970s revolutionary post-Onda literary movement in Mexico. 

“I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t mind seeing El vampiro… turned into a musical.”
Luis Zapata

The novel recounts the adventures of Adonis García, a witty working-class chichifo (a homosexual hustler) who moves to a thrilling Mexico City and lives in Colonia Roma. This vampire unapologetically spoke and continuous to speak of homosexual pleasures and sex work in Mexico City.