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Queering Curatorial Practices

The tradition of art history provides a theoretical grounding to explore a queer curatorial practice, that thinks not only of gender and sexuality but also race/ethnicity and class. The way in which an artwork or exhibition might be queered through contemporary curatorial processes is not clearly defined.
Far from seeking a blueprint for a queer curatorial methodology, this event brings together key curators and thinkers to explore the limits, scopes and tensions of such a practice.


Can we queer the role of the curator? How would a feminist and/or queer curatorship look like? Is it possible to inscribe queerness into a work of art though a queer curatorship?

The first time I conducted this workshop was as part of the Brooks Tate Fellowship at Delfina Foundation on March, 2016. For this first seminar I invited Helena Reckitt,  curator and Senior Lecturer in Curating at Goldsmiths, University of London.

After giving a small lecture, we broke into different teams to actually curate a fantasy queer show that would take place in a a) private museum b) public museum c) gallery d) art fare and e) public space.

Some of the main questions we address focused on the tensions between:

a) representation and methodology

b) intention and circulation

c) interpretation of the spectator and curator

d) temporality

c) cultural context

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Thursday 10 March
Time: 18:30-21:00
Delfina Foundation
29 Catherine Place

Media of previous workshops

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