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Mujercitos is based on my doctoral thesis: “Alarma!: Mujercitos performing gender in the pigmentocratic socio-cultural system of Mexicoin which I analyzed the photographs of mujercitos, “effeminate men” (as defined by Alarma!) that appeared in this exemplary Mexican nota roja periodicalfrom 1963 to 1986. Nota roja is a particular news genre for the narration of violence characterized by its gruesome and cruel photographic content, however the photographs of mujercitos are shown posing and taking the center stage of the camera for 23 consecutive years.

Considering that Mexico is the second country in the Americas with most hate crimes, I wonder how these photographs existed, informed and participated in the larger national imaginary in relation to peripheral sexualities in Mexico. My dissertation contends that these photographs work as a site of resistance to and a subversion of many different forms of violence in Mexico. Moreover, this analysis reveals a process of subjectivation and subject identification informed as much by class/skin tonalities as by gender/sex. As such, my dissertation maps some of the zones of tension between the main Anglo North American theories of performative gender/sex within the pigmentocratic sociocultural system of Mexico.

Historically peripheral sexualities in Mexico have re-appropriated denigrating terms to empower themselves linguistically: my use of the term mujercitos is intended to extend and recognize the resistance enacted by mujercitos through these photographs.


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Talks and Book Launches

Mujercitos: gender performativity in Mexico. New York. May 2016.

– Mujercitos en Jumex. Museo Jumex. Mexico City. September 2015.

– Charla con Susana Vargas. Exit Librería. Mexico City. July 2015

– Mujercitos. 28 Festival Internacional por la Diversidad Sexual. Museo del Chopo. June 2015.

– Mujeritos Queer Dance Night con Roshell Terranova. Vycktorya Lethal, Galo Santo, Franka Polari. Ciudad de México. May 2015.

– Book launch and Queer Dance Party con Book launch and Queer Dance Party with Judy Virago, Katie Stelmanis , Daniel Vila Kaleb Robertson. Toronto.  Abril 2015.

– Book Launch at Blue Metropolis. con Will Straw. Montreal. Abril 2015.

– Paris Photo. Grand Palais. Paris. November 2014

– Galeria Jan Mot. Bruselas. November 2014.

– Something you should know. Artistes et producers aujourhd’hui. Séminaire conçu et organisé par Patricia Falguières, Elisabeth Lebovici et Natasa Petresin-Bachelez. Paris. March 2014.

Mujercitos en el Museo Jumex


Foto de Jesús León. Presentación Museo Jumex

Foto de Jesús León. Presentación Museo Jumex


Foto de Jesús León. Presentación Museo Jumex

Foto de Jesús León. Presentación Museo Jumex

Mujercitos, aliados y aliadas