marina abramović, beyoncé y el neoliberalismo: una entrevista con amelia jones

Tuesday February 16th, 2016

Amelia Jones pertaining and bold critique of Marina Abramović as a brand, puts her “genius” status in question, as it shows how the performative re-enacment has more connections to a commodity in the market place than to claims of originality, authenticity and presence regarding performance live art.

In this way, more than stating that Marina “has sold out” or that her art can be simply dismissed as commercial, her critique to me, positions her as a neoliberalist subject in the same line as Beyoncé, as her success too is based much on her self-branding, relying on neoliberalist ideologies.  Is it too much to then argue that Abramović’s the Artist is Present’s success is only possible through a neoliberal ideology and economic system?

Complete interview in Spanish for ID here